Privacy Policy

Reivalue, Inc. fully understands the importance of handling of personal information, we will handle and protect in accordance with the Privacy Policy below.

1.Collection and Handling of Personal Information

The personal information we collect by appropriate methods will be used for processing or providing services for customers. We will not use your personal information beyond the scope of the purpose of use.

2.Providing Information to Third Parties

We will not provide your personal information to any third party without your advance consent, except where such disclosure is in accordance with or required by applicable law. When we entrust subcontractors with the handling of any personal information, we will conclude a contract with the subcontractor or take any other measures that obliges them to be responsible for the management of the personal information to be provided, and exercise necessary and appropriate supervision over the subcontractor to ensure the security of such personal information.

3.Security of Personal Information

We will take appropriate measures to protect the personal information we collect from threats of loss, destruction, improper disclosure or modification and from unauthorized access.

4.Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We will comply with relevant laws and regulations with regard to the Protection of Personal Information.

5.Disclosure, Addition, Correction, Deletion of Personal Information

We will respond appropriately to requests to disclose, add correct or delete personal information, after confirming that the individual submitting the request is in fact the owner of personal information. We may revise its privacy policy and our security standards without prior notice.