Hometown Choice begins!

Support and cooperation in hometown choice,Please.



In May this year, we launched a guesthouse “Sano-San-Chi”

Our efforts that were being carried out to revitalize the local area of Izumisano City, Osaka,

Adopted in [Hometown Entrepreneur Support Project] in Izumisano City.


And from November 1st at “Hometown Choice”

Government crowdfunding has begun.


We will share our thoughts on this blog from time to time,

Through various activities centered on special lodging

I want to make this area more enjoyable for both locals and visitors.

As a result, I would like to make Izumisano City look good.

That said, we can only offer “Kikake”.

It ’s important for everyone to participate and have fun.

A few years later, it will lead to the brilliant future of Izumisano City after decades.

Please join us [Sano-San-Chi Project],

And please enliven Izumisano City. We look forward to your support!

※Government crowdfunding refers to crowdfunding that is carried out by the Furusato Choice using the Furusato Tax Payment System.

In order to solve the problems faced by local governments, it is a mechanism to make a more specific “use” of hometown tax donation and solicit donations from those who sympathize with the project.