Kishiwada Gofuso Garden

Following the Meiji reformation at the turn of the last century, local magnate Rikichi Terada spent 10 years from 1929 constructing this residence at the site of the Shin-Gochaya teahouse of the Okabe Clan, former lords of Kishiwada Castle. Later, in 1950, it was rechristened Gofuso, “Home of Five Winds.” This commanding and regal property includes the gorgeous main residence, three tea houses, and a Japanese kaiyu-shiki (promenade-style) garden. The tea houses were designed by tea ceremony master Kizu Sosen, and one of them was built directly atop a natural boulder of notable beauty. Looking out from the main residence, which refines in one structure the very best of Japanese architecture, visitors may be taken by a strange serenity as they pass their gaze over the gorgeous garden, the calm of the pond, the beauty and contours of the tea house, and the yukimi-toro stone lanterns, all positioned with exquisite care.