【Sanosanchi supporters】No.02

Photographer Yoshihide Higashijima


※I’m sorry because there is only a back figure.

Mr. Higashijima, a photographer, helps photographers take photos of the cityscape and sightseeing spots, including the guesthouse shooting of “Sano San Chi PROJECT”.

He is good at capturing soft and soft smiles with many portrait photography.

It is very dependable because you can respond flexibly on site.

Current main work is nursing recruitment brochures for university hospitals, photography for homepages, junior and high school integrated schools, junior colleges, university brochures, corporate newsletters, group magazines, company newsletters, company information, etc.

The black and white still photo from Nihon TV’s “Merengue no Kokoro” “Hidehiko Ishizuka Street Master” is in its 15th year.

Thank you, Higashijima-san! !